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maandag 4 november 2013

Tipping in Belgium

This is something I get asked a lot from people on my groups.
In other parts of the world it is custom to give tips when you go out eating somewhere. When I was in New York, I learned that a 10-15% tip was expected.
But, here in Belgium –and many parts in Europe– leav
ing a tip of that size is not so normal. Just to let you boys and girls know: the waiters here in Belgium get paid by the hour. The tips you leave are a little extra, but it’s not their main meaning of income!

What sometimes happens is ( and what I do from time to time as well), for example, when your bill is 9.80 Euro, you give 10 Euro and leave it at that. But that’s it guys. When you’re traveling on a lower budget, this can help you stay in budget easier. And if you are really traveling on a tight budget, don’t feel uneasy if you really want you’re change back, even if it is a small amount. The waiters don’t expect you to tip anyway.

Good tip?