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zaterdag 23 november 2013

Peerdenbrug (The Horse Bridge)

I'm going to tell you about a place we pass by in the walks...
The “Peerdenbrug”, translated to "horse bridge", is the one we cross when we leave Charlie Rockets hostel, just before the first stop at the window with the most famous dog of Bruges (Fidel). From this bridge you get a wonderful view left and right when standing on it.
Here you see the “Groenerei” –that’s the name of the canal. If you look in the direction of the center (right if you’re coming from Charlie Rockets) you can see the “Meebrug” a little bit further on.
Peerdenbrug, picture taken from the Meebrug (c) Andy Borgonjon

It is on the Meebrug the scene with the midgets in it from the movie 'In Bruges' was shot.
The first time the Peerdenbrug was mentioned in history was in 1392! It was around that time the district on the other side of the canal arose and people had to cross the water to get access to the ‘old’ centre of the city. With this bridge, and the Meebrug, it was possible to do so.

The stone bridges you see today weren’t constructed until 1642. Before that time they were wooden bridges.

Next to the Peerdenbrug, there was a drinking well for the horses, but people in the neighbourhood didn’t want to have it there, so in 1862 it was removed. Due to the stationed horses at the well, the bridge got its name.

If you ask me about a nice or favourite place to go, this is one of them. Off the beaten track of tourists, but still very close to the centre. And while you only have to walk a few minutes when at the Burg square, this is not so known by tourists. You have an advantage here.

Many painters found this lovely bridge, as you can see by the paintings I added with this text.

Go see it, enjoy one of the most beautiful places ‘in Bruges’.