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maandag 18 november 2013

Christmas "in Bruges"

All across Europe Christmas markets are being set up in the period of mid-november until mid-january. Of course, also in Bruges.
Bruges has a cozy market, which is spread between the Market square, the Simon Stevinplein and Walplein. On these squares you can find wooden stalls which hold all different kinds of “Christmas goods”. Mulled wine (Glühwein), hot chocolate, waffles, gin, candles, scarfs… you name it, all real Christmas stuff. The stalls opens at November 22nd until January 2nd 2014 and will be open on daily basis from 11am.
Maybe I’m sounding a little synical, but for a real Christmas market you should visit Germany. There you can find the original ones. In Belgium (generally) this kind of market is reduced to different food and drink stands, several stalls with clothing (wool) and other cheesy stuff.

But, if you’re visiting Bruges this is a nice bonus. The ambiance on the market itself is jovial. In weekends it can be a little crowded, so if you want to walk without bumping into someone every second best to avoid it during these days.

Spread throughout the city you have some special events during this period. I already told you about the ice festival. The theme this year is “Frozen”, the new Disney movie. (It’s an annual festival.) This will surely attract many children. And I must admit that the artists always make wonderful sculptures! But it’s kind of pricy…
At the site of the “Old St Jan” you have “Wintermoments with flowers”, where you can see a wonderful décor where flowers are made into art. This event will be open from November 22nd until December 1st. Only a very short period, you need to be in town just at that moment. You can find more information on The entrée fee is €12.

Several events happen in November-December. You can find more information on this on the In-Uit site of Bruges (tourist office at the red brick concert building on ‘t Zand).

There is one I found which could be fun to do. The smallest guild of city guides (S-wan) is organizing a guided walk on the theme “Christmas symbolism” on December 21st. Of course this will be in Dutch… So a little treat for the Dutch speaking followers on this blog. It’s €7 to take part of the walk, more information on

In the center of the Christmas market at the Market square you’ll find an ice rink. There you can go ice skating. I tried to find prices, but unfortunately I didn’t find any yet. The site which should tell this isn’t online (yet). But you can look it up in a couple of days on the following site:
This is a fun thing to do with the kids. If you’re not such a hero on those knives, you can stay on the side (without skates off that slippery ice) with a nice warm drink and be a supporter for your children. An afternoon outside on the ice (or next to it
J) in a wonderful environment.