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zaterdag 9 november 2013

Bruges - The Board Game

About Bruges, there is the movie (In Bruges), the tv show (Aspe), on which I will talk later,  but now we also have a board game. It may sound funny, but it’s true. The game is developed by Stefan Feld, one of the best game-authors of this generation.

“Belgium, 15th century. The first stock exchange opens. All of Europe comes to the rich and influential Bruges”.
It’s with this tagline the makers of this game want to get you in the right atmosphere for the game. You take on the role of a merchant in Bruges of the 15th century. With 165 character cards, rolling dice, you are hiring workers, constructing houses, expanding the canals and building your own empire. And apparently it’s working, because in other countries a lot of people played the game already. For the moment you can only find it in English and German, but a Dutch version will available soon.
The election of “Brügge” in “Spiel des Jahres 2013” proves it’s a good game worth playing.
One of the comments was: “The game is fun, well-constructed, but not for the inexperienced player as it is a bit complex and you need to take the time to read the instructions.” One play session takes one to two hours.
Again, proof Bruges is a good “product”