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vrijdag 24 januari 2014

"In Bruges" location goofs

For the people who want to walk around the city looking for the specific locations this post will be very interesting.

A few days ago I was looking at “In Bruges” again. With walking around the city a lot more than before I started looking at the locations the movie was shot at.
And I found a few mistakes in the movie. Location-wise that is.

It’s the “switching” that makes orientating in the city itself real hard. As I was watching the movie there were a few moments I said “what the hell?!”.

Fidel, the most famous dog in Bruges, for example. When you’re watching the film, you can get the impression you can find him close to the market square. Well, it’s kind of a walk to get to him.
When Ken (Brendan Gleeson) goes up the Belfry, he has to pay €5. Nowadays it’s €8, €6 if you’re under 26.
But… they visit a church, supposedly the church with the Holy Blood of Christ. Well, the church that scene was shot in is on the other side of Bruges. It’s called the “Jeruzalemkerk” (Jerusalem-church) and they don’t have the Holy Blood there. So when you’re going in to the basilica of the Holy Blood and expect to see the scene from the movie, don’t be surprised. Pictures of the two different churches below will show a biiiiiig difference.

The Church from the movie
Real Basilica of the Holy Blood
The way up to the Holy Blood

After the visit to the Groeningemuseum (with the paintings) Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson sit on a bench talking about judgment day. That’s at the “Jan van Eyck plein” (plein: square). Cool, really nice place but, the horse carriages don’t go over the bridge you see in that scene.

Oh, the place to get the gun (Yuri’s) at the Raamstraat 17. In the movie, that’s really shot at the corner of the Spinolarei and Verversdijk. If you’re looking for the real “Raamstraat 17”, you can find it near the Snuffel Hostel. Pictures of the two houses show why they didn’t go to the Raamstraat…

Raamstraat 17 in the movie
The real "Raamstraat 17"

If you get in a fight, as Colin Farrell did, the cops won’t look for you in the train… And the victim in the train… Nope, haven’t heard of that before either.

Poor Brendan jumps from the Belfry. That was the quickest way to bring the gun down, but you can’t do that. Not in the way he does it. He takes one step, but you’d need a good run and take a long jump forward to end up where he does.

And then last but not least, "the chase" or "the shoot out" as they call it in the movie. Harry (Ralph Fiennes) chases Colin Farrell. They start at the Belfry, pass ‘De Garre’ and into the Burg square, towards the fish market (which looks really big judging by the time they run in it) and then… they end up at the street near the famous dog? They took a serious detour there. They go to the hotel from there.
After the jump out of the window (lot of jumping here) they go from the most picturesque place, through the little square next to it (Huidenvettersplein) and suddenly they’re back at Gruuthuse? That’s also where the final scene is.
I drew a map (in two parts) of this chase so you can see the little “teleportation” they make now and then.

Part 1 of "The Shootout" - Jumping around Bruges
Part 2 of "The Shootout" - Jump of all times !