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zaterdag 28 december 2013

“Queuing” in Belgium

During my many visits to the UK, there’s one thing I noticed. The English people are the most disciplined ever when it comes to standing in line, or queuing as it’s so nicely called.

The system is simple but easy, real effective and fair for everyone!
You have (for example) 6 cashiers where you can pay; there is one line formed and whenever a cashier comes available, the next person in line can go there. Easy!
I was amazed when I was in Scotland, it was raining cats and dogs, and the line for a bus was so long people couldn’t all stand in the bus shelter but the line was strictly respected. How disciplined!

So, when you’re used to a fair and simple system like this it will be a huge culture shock when you come to Belgium!

Every time I want to take the bus from Bruges to my home town, I’m not looking forward to getting on the bus when I see the group of people standing there waiting for the bus to arrive. It is strange, but when the bus stops, I get the impression people are afraid the bus will leave without them… It is close to a stampede to get on. People group up around the door, pushing and shoving to get in front of someone else. I’m surprised no one ever got killed there…
And it’s the same for every bus you take, not only the ones going to other towns. The busses you can take to get in the center of the city have the same problem.
The lines in the shops are the same. You just pick a cashier and hope you’re lucky. Because when you have the misfortune of choosing a line served by someone slower, or with someone in front of you who’s taking his/her time…
If you are visiting other cities in Belgium, by train or you take a metro there, be careful when you get off the train, tram, metro. Often people who are standing ready to get on don’t give much room to let the people get off first. So sometimes it’s more a struggle getting off the train or metro as much as getting on it…

So, you are warned now. The shock will not be that hard, but still…