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woensdag 30 oktober 2013

A little introduction

Hi everyone, I'm Andy.

I'm taking classes to become a city guide one day. But, still one full year to go.

One day, strolling around Bruges, I met Lana. A tour guide for Can You Handle It Tours. She told her audience the history of Bruges in a fun way, not just the standard city guide sort-of-way, I knew I found something I was looking for !
Bruges for the young at heart, is the best way to describe the tours.
And so I started (some 3 months ago now) giving tours for young visitors (or the young at heart) who stay in the hostels of Bruges.

And in that short time I have been doing these tours I already met some wonderful, friendly people from all over the world. Like Roxanne from Bulgaria, whom I met a few weeks ago. She was so surprised of how much I knew of Bruges that she gave me the idea for this blog. And here it is, out of my head for the whole world to read.

From now on I will take my camera with me at all time. Anything I see in Bruges, whether it is cool, fun, special things to do or see, but also tourist traps to avoid. All mixed with a pinch of culture (yeah, you can't avoid art, architecture, religion in Bruges).
So, spread the word, I'll do my very best to add things on regular basis.

If you like the posts, or have any questions, just let me now.

Oh, before I forget, all posts will be in English. But as you may have already noticed... English isn't my mother tongue, Dutch is, but because of the international public I have during the walks, I'll be writing in English.
As I say in the beginning of my walks: "If I fuck up, yes, you can laugh about it."

Big first post, but more will follow, with some nice pictures of course !